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Mathematical Studies (SL) for the IB DIploma

Topic 6 – Mathematical models

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Guidance Notes

The support material has been separated into categories as follows:
Planning: here you will find a scheme of work relating directly to the chapters of the Coursebook covered by the given Topic. For example, for ‘Topic 1 – Number and algebra’ the scheme of work will relate to chapters 1–4 of the Coursebook. The scheme of work is an example route through the syllabus with suggestions of activities and discussion points.
Assessment: here you will find a Microsoft® PowerPoint slideshow, one per chapter, with TOK questions, and in some cases some direct assessment questions. These should be viewed as a slideshow, where clicking on your mouse or keyboard will reveal the next bit of content. You will need Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer in order to use these files.
Resources: here you will find resources to support revision and self-assessment for students. Geogebra files are interactive activities that test student understanding. The revision notes are summaries of important knowledge from the chapters within a given Topic.
Previews of your selected files are displayed on the left, with a Download button below. Click this and save the files to your computer.