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Chapter 2 Global issues

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Guidance Notes

Chapter 2: Global issues

The materials provided in this section of the website support Chapter 2 of the English B for the IB Diploma coursebook: ‘Global issues’. This is the second of three chapters which cover the core topics of the IB English B syllabus.

The materials can be used to supplement and extend the coursebook content, and links to the appropriate coursebook pages are given on individual resources.

All materials, apart from image resources, give the choice of either PDF or Word format, which can be printed out and used as given, or edited to suit your needs. Student worksheets can be printed and completed by hand, or supplied to students in editable format, to allow them to be completed on-screen, and then printed out or saved as digital documents. Lesson plans are likewise supplied in an editable Word format, as well as PDF, for teachers to adapt to their own needs.
Previews of the files you select are displayed on the left, with a Download button below. Click on this button and save the files to your computer.
The materials are grouped into three categories, from which you can select from the menus above.

For Chapter 2, you will find the following range of materials:


Lesson plan 2.1: an overview and planning document for Chapter 2.
Lesson plan 2.2: an editable lesson plan template, which can be used to create your own lesson plans for the core topic of ‘Global issues’.


Assessment sheet 2.1: provides answers and exemplar responses to the activities in Chapter 2.
Assessment sheet 2.2: this resource helps students to plan their interactive oral activity.
Assessment sheet 2.3: students assess the sample interactive oral using the audio recording (Audio file 2.1, filename: IB_elb_2_resources_audio) and the transcript on pages 77–78 of the coursebook.

The optional editable Word format enables students to complete the assessment activities on-screen.


Students are provided with the following worksheets to support their work in this core topic:

Worksheet 2.1: exploring the structure of a text using a spider diagram.
Worksheet 2.2: a crossword linked to Text 2.2 (FINCA article on Saumu Eneza).
Worksheet 2.3: provides a copy of the Benetton ‘Africa Works’ ad, for students to annotate when doing Activity 1.19 on pages 51–52 of the coursebook.
Worksheet 2.4: helps students prepare a two-minute talk to convince someone about the reality of global warming, to support Activity 2.8 on page 59 of the coursebook.
Worksheet 2.5: using images from the coursebook to create a campaign about global warming, supporting Activities 2.14 and 2.15 on page 65 of the coursebook.
Worksheet 2.6: provides a copy of Text 2.6, about the effects of global warming in Bangladesh, for students to annotate when doing Activities 2.20 and 2.22 on pages 66–68 of the coursebook.
Worksheet 2.7: provides a copy of Text 2.7, a speech by US Senator Dianne Feinstein, for students to annotate for Activities 3.1–3.4 on pages 69–71 of the coursebook.
Audio file 2.1: a recording of the sample interactive oral activity on pages 77–78 of the coursebook.

Under Resources you will also find:

  • a list of selected images and artworks from the coursebook, by chapter, available in PDF format for projection or for printing out
  • selected image and artwork resources for this chapter.